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Weston Favell Dental PracticeWeston Favell Dental Practice
1.4 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Chris BushnallChris Bushnall

Went for a routine check up, I knew I needed a tooth pulled and a filling, instead of making a another appointment he did it there and then. No complaints about staff and dentists.

Robert AllanRobert Allan

Terrible service, receptionists do not solve the problem effectively at all, instead escalate it , my appointment got cancelled 3 times then got kicked off the last 1 DAY before my appointment from missing a appointment due to illness, generally going to the hospital btw, no cough or whatever.they was well aware i was not coming, I told them Days in advance so we arranged the new appointment which just got cancelled. Disappointing to see how far this dentist has gone downhill.

Dan GreDan Gre

This place needs to be shut down!! I went for root canal treatment which was done incorrectly and let to an infection (nearly losing my tooth). I had to get the root canal redone, which ended up costing around £1500! Also do not believe their poor 'template' responses to these reviews. Appalling practice and no concept of 'duty of care'!

lola janelola jane

Cannot get appointments for months. Agreed a course of treatment with dentist and was never referred as agreed. Have a long term gum problem and cannot get treatment I need. In desperation, asked for treatment privately, gave my number as asked then no one called back. Still waiting.

Luminita TelejmanLuminita Telejman

Do not recommend!
They cancel your appointment how many times they want, they don't care if it's about your child and he/she is in pain!

Helen ColemanHelen Coleman

Stress free (I'm a total dental phobe) couldn't have been treated better.

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Jo HarrisonJo Harrison