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Weston Favell Dental PracticeWeston Favell Dental Practice
2.1 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Aeren BullmanAeren Bullman

It was my first time at this dental practice but I found it to be my best experience yet! Not only because I didn't need a filling or tooth extraction (although admittedly that helps!), but simply because of the polite and reassuring staff within. The reception team were thorough in explaining the paperwork I needed to fill in and why, with smiles and reassuring words they helped to alleviate my anxiety. My treatment was carried out by Lovelina (apologies for the spelling!) and together with her associate Aaron they quickly and efficiently carried out checks and x-rays of my teeth. After explaining her findings she took her time in describing any possible future treatments and advised on a way forward. I wont be going back to my previous dentist who was expensive and rushed through my treatment. Thanks to the Weston Favell team for looking after this wimp 🙂

Jul esJul es

I had to add this 5* review as i saw that there were a lot of 1* reviews and this is not my experience at all. I joined this dentists over the phone (others wanted me to go in personally/seperately to an appointment) then i just needed to sign some papers at my first appointment. The receptionists were friendly and polite, the dentist was very efficient, but warm with it. In fact i think the dental work itself was very good indeed. You can park at Tesco for free for up to 4 hours and walk over zebra crossing to get there. I don't often write reviews but feel that this dentists is a very good standard and this should be praised.

Philip WardPhilip Ward

I've been going to this dentist for 20 years, and have been seen by a variety of dentists over this time. I have found them to always be very friendly and honest, not patronising me and laying out my options clearly. I have found the dentists in the last 10 years to be particularly good.

I'm saddened to see the low-star reviews here, but I suppose people are more likely to leave a review of a bad experience than a good one. I am usually seen pretty close to my allotted timeslot (again this seems to have improved in the last couple of years). I've had a couple of cancelled appointments due to dentist illness but have always had phone calls in advance to let me know and to reschedule.

I can't fault the dental work itself. I have normal fillings right through to root canal surgery with post crowns, and although some of those treatments aren't very pleasant to experience, the work has held up well.

Magdalena CzekalskaMagdalena Czekalska

I feel frustrated and helpless after having registered with this surgery. All my life I have used the private dental care but recently have moved and since the Weston Favell Practice was accepting new NHS patients and it is really close to where I live I thought I would give it a go as NHS patient. Also, I do not drive and have a small baby that I breasfeed so the fact that it is so close to me was very important. Unfortunately, being NHS patient of this practice has felt like a cruel joke. I have a problematic place in my mouth where a filling needs replacing as food gets stuck really deeply, it goes into my gum, almost into the bone as my teeth are heavily filled in some places hence a lot of pockets. I was told that ' there was no need to do it'. This is a patrinising, shocking approach. There is a need because I am in great discomfort and also the food getting badly stuck in there is causing a deterioration of my gums. Therefore I find the staff's approach not only patronising but also leading to medical negligence. I had had the problem with that filling before and after it got replaced the problem disappeared. Unfortunately, after some years the filling crumbled away and it is causing the problem again, therefore only replacing it again would help. There is an obvious need for interventiin but it seems like money is the answer. Since I am not a paying customer I am being patronised and refused help. I feel so terribly helpless as I would actually like to pay being your customer on the private basis just to have it done as it will cost me more in time and money to make arrangements to go and see my private dentist in Leicester but your surgery's approach is so rigid and unhelpful that I have to find the service a complete waste of time and unethical. Also, having heavily filled teeth with lots of pockets I need regular interdental cleaning done by a dentist or hygienist, Well, I was told by your staff that I DON'T NEED IT. What sort of 'care' that is? Less than basic, this surgery exists just to tick a box saying: 'we are here for you to help', except that you are not :(. Being refused help, the surgery not being transparent but, instead, patronising you and and telling you what you neec and what you don't need- what standard is it? How can you even ask for one star, dear Weston Favell Practice? You should not call yourself dentists for starters.

Lawrence EnglishLawrence English

We have been going here for 20 years - they're not perfect, but they are good for an NHS dental surgery. The receptionists are a mixed bunch, some are more welcoming and helpful than others, but they are all reasonably efficient. We have had around 5 dentists, and they have all been excellent - especially Dan Yarnold, and our current dentist Gov, who is friendly, thorough, and totally professional. I would recommend this practice.

Jess BowersJess Bowers

In the past month Ive spent quite a bit of time here. I’ve been to a few dentists and Weston Favell is by far the best, and the one I’ll be sticking too. - the staff are brilliant, very reassuring (which was a bonus as I’m not a fan of dentists), it’s clean and very professional. Highly recommend.

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Louise DuffyLouise Duffy

I have just had appointment with gov,,,,he was fantastic . He explained everything that he was doing and was very thorough,,,highly recommend . Also the receptionist was lovely and friendly and dealt with me straight away . I was a little bit early but I went straight in,,,no waiting . Very professional

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Demelza M B GentDemelza M B Gent

Used this practice for over 20 years since I was a child, my family used them and now my own little family uses them too.
Always treated with respect by friendly staff, familiar faces, the staff don't seem to change often which is a good sign and nice to see the same people settled in there.
Our dentist is a nice guy and his assistant is also kind and caring. �
We usually get an appointment when we want one, although we have never needed emergency care so can't comment on that.

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Helen ColemanHelen Coleman

Stress free (I'm a total dental phobe) couldn't have been treated better.

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Jo HarrisonJo Harrison