Our Team

Excellent care requires excellent people

Every person in our Practice is essential to your care so we endeavour to recruit, train and retain the best people. Everyone who joins us understands our expectations and receives regular training and personal development to ensure we all share the same ethos of putting our patients at the heart of everything we do.

By providing a caring environment for everyone, we engender loyalty. As the saying goes – we don’t expect loyalty, we earn it. Our practice is part of Rodericks Dental, a company with over 70 practices across the country. We are different because our company is run by dentists – for patients.


Amriptal Atwal

BDS Manc 2010 | GDC No. 210836

Govind Dhaliwal

BDS Manc 2011 | GDC No. 211252

Jatinder Bachu

Grado en Odontologia Universidad Europea De Madrid 2017 | GDC No. 272524

Lovelyna Chopra

BDS Bangalore 1999 Statutory Exam 2008 | GDC No. 157090

Martina Löfroth

Tandläkare Malmö 2018 | GDC No. 279263

Pardeep Banga

BDS Birm 2010 | GDC No. 192110

Samantha Haque

BDS Manc 2008 | GDC No. 153034

Sotonye Dublin

BDS Lond 2004 | GDC No. 84417


Huma Fazal

LDS Royal College of Surgeons Of England 2018 | GDC No. 105985

Practice Manager

Emily Burgen